About AACM, Our Mission and Vision

About AACM, Our Mission and Vision

The Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting a positive understanding of community associations and the contribution of professional management services in the development, establishment and maintenance of high-quality, well-managed neighborhoods. Founded in 2003 by management groups looking to positively impact their profession, AACM now includes more than 50 of the leading community management companies in Arizona as well as more than 200 affiliate partners who provide a variety of services to Arizona communities. Representing management companies that serve more than 1.4 million Arizona households, AACM is the leading information resource for legislators and community managers regarding homeowners association and management issues.

AACM was established to improve the professionalism in the management of Arizona Communities and is committed to raising the level of community care in Arizona through on-going education and proactive support. The Certified Arizona Association Manager (CAAM) education program provides the only Arizona-specific professional certification for community managers, which has educated and certified more than 950 community managers, creating a network of professionals dedicated to properly serving Arizona residents. By offering certified training to community managers, as well as enforcing ethics compliance, AACM provides homeowners living in Arizona communities with confidence that their property value will be maintained.


Mission Statement:

The Arizona Association of Community Managers promotes a positive perception of professional community association management firms and raises the standard of care in Arizona’s managed communities. It does this through its professional certification of community managers (CAAM), proactive outreach to Arizona homeowners and by being the “voice of reason” to the state’s legislature.


AACM is designed specifically for the needs of Arizona