Continuing Education Units (CEUs)



The role of a community manager is constantly evolving. In order to remain proficient, a CAAM-certified individual, whether CAAM-certified or CAASP-designated, must continue his or her education by participating in elective courses presented as the continuing education arm of the CAAM Certification Program. CEU course requirements are based on a calendar year beginning the January 1 following a person's initial certification date. For example, if CAAM certification was received in May, the three-year CEU requirements would begin the following January 1.


  • A set number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) must be earned during each three-year certification period - see details below under CEU Requirements.
  • Only AACM courses will be accepted toward CAAM continuing education requirements.
  • CEUs may be earned after the initial certification date and prior to the January 1 beginning of the first certification period, but are not required during this period. This is considered a "bonus period".
  • CEUs do not carry forward from one certification period to the next.
  • CEU courses offered will change each year, and may not be available every year.
  • CEU credits are available the first time a CAAM-certified individual attends/instructs that particular course, but are only available one time for that course.
  • CEU courses may be re-taken for no credit, with priority registration given to those individuals taking the course for credit. For example, a CAAM may take the Annual Meetings class for 3 credits, but that CAAM may not receive 3 additional credits if he or she takes the Annual Meetings class again, or instructs the class after previously taking or instructing the course for credit.
  • An individual must complete either the CAAM Certification Program with a CAAM or CAASP designation in order to take any CAAM Continuing Education course, as our core certification classes are the foundation upon which our continuing education is built.

CEU REQUIREMENTS (for CAAM and CAASP certifications only)

  • First certification period: 27 CEUs must be completed within three (3) years from the January 1 following a person's original CAAM certification date, including:
    • 3 CEUs each year of mandatory Annual Law Update course
    • 3 CEUs of mandatory Effective Communication Tools for Community Managers (only required one time during the first three-year certification period)
    • AACM strongly recommends that each CAAM-certified individual in their first certification period obtain 6 units of elective courses for a total of 9 CEUs per year.
  • Subsequent certification periods: 27 CEUs consisting of at least 18 Education CEUs including 3 CEUs each year of mandatory Annual Law Update credits, and up to 9 Participation CEUs (PCEU) for participation in AACM committees, activities and events.
    • 3 CEUs each year of mandatory Annual Law Update course
    • AACM strongly recommends that each CAAM-certified individual in their second or later certification periods obtain 3 units of elective courses for a total of 6 educational CEUs per year.


AACM Members

  • $75.00 for each 3-credit CEU course

(CEUs are only available to AACM Members, as an individual must be a CAAM / CAASP to take a CEU course, and CAAM / CAASP certification is only available to AACM Members.)

For a full list of AACM-approved CEU Courses, click HERE to be directed to the C.E.R.T.S website.

AACM Participation CEU Credits (PCEUs)

  • Participation CEU credits (PCEUs) are a type of AACM CEU credit for participation in AACM activities. They will be recorded as CEUs on the CERTS website.
  • Participation CEU credits only available to CAAM-certified individuals in their 2nd certification period and beyond.
  • 27 CEUs total required; no more than 9 of these can be Participation CEU credits (PCEUs).
  • CAAM-certified individuals in their 1st certification period are required to have 27 Education CEUs; no Participation CEUs may be earned.

IMPORTANT: CAAM-certified individuals are solely responsible for ensuring their Participation is properly recorded for all PCEUs. Credit will not be granted without proper documentation of attendance/participation in AACM records as described below.

To receive AACM Participation CEU Credits*:

  1. Complete PCEU Request Form: The CAAM-certified individual must request a PCEU Request Form at the time of the Participation CEU activity. The form must be completed and received by AACM within 60 days of the PCEU activity. Forms received later than 60 days after the PCEU activity will not be counted toward PCEU credit..
  2. CEU Credit Granted on CERTS: PCEU credits will be granted through the CERTS program after step 1 has been completed. This is equivalent to taking a course and completing the test or sign-in/out sheet after class to receive the credit.

*Leadership and Committee meeting attendance will be tracked by AACM.

How to Earn Participation CEU Credits:

AACM Leadership = 3 PCEUs per year (with required event attendance as described below)

  • Hold Board of Directors or Professional Standards Committee position
    • Miss no more than 3 meetings per year; attendance tracked by AACM Staff.
    • Attendance at 2 luncheons and one mixer per year also required to earn Leadership Participation credits.

CERTS Registration and PCEU Request Forms must be received for each of these 2 luncheons and mixer.

    • Maximum of 3 CEUs per year for either Board or PSC participation; not 3 CEUs for each.
    • Credit given at end of Board/PSC year.

AACM Committees = 1 CEU per year

  • Legislative, Education, Outreach, Membership, Events, SAAC Committees
    • Miss no more than 3 meetings per year; attendance tracked by AACM staff.
    • Must complete full Committee year to earn credit.
    • Credit given at end of committee year.

Course Writing and Instruction

  • Instruct a class = 1 CEU per class time taught
    • If instructor has not earned a CEU credit for this course already, they can also earn 3 CEUs for "attending" at no charge per standard policy, for a total of 4 CEUs.
    • Credit given after CAAM-certified individual has attended the entire scheduled class time as instructor (no credit for partial attendance).
  • Participate on a course subcommittee = 2 CEUs per subcommittee
    • Credit given after course has been approved by Professional Standards Committee.

AACM Legislative Fundraisers = 1 CEU per fundraiser + legislative contribution

  • Attend and contribute to AACM Legislative Fundraiser
    • Credit given after fundraiser attendance and legislative contributions accounted by AACM staff.

AACM Events = 1 CEU per event

  • Maximum 3 events per calendar year from the following list can be used for PCEU credits:
    • Day at the Capitol
    • HOPE Grant Golf Tournament
    • AACM Trade Show
    • Community Clean-up Project
    • AACM Luncheon
    • AACM Mixer