AACM’s Outreach Program

The AACM Outreach Program is a cooperative effort between AACM, Management Company members, Affiliate Partners and the community to:


Enhance the long-term viability of neighborhoods by halting neighborhood decline and improving the physical appearance of older neighborhoods.


Provide an opportunity for the Management Company Members and the affiliate Partners to join together to make a difference.

Las Vistas Community

This community does not have the benefit of being a homeowner association, but is surrounded by several HOA’s managed by AACM members. City Councilman, Michael Johnson, recommended this community within his district for a helping hand from AACM. Councilman Johnson and his staff will join AACM on site and has committed several City agencies to join with AACM for a day of helping the “Las Vistas neighborhood”.

Arroyo Vista Community

This community is working to put their HOA back in good standing! They have elected a new Board and are bringing their community together! The Outreach Charity Committee is looking forward to bringing this neighborhood together with a community clean up project! A special Thank you to Senator Lopez who is a homeowner in this community.

Westchester Skilled Nursing Facility

Is a non-profit facility run by Volunteers of America, whose residents require constant skilled nursing care. There were two atrium’s that were not attractively landscaped and were virtually inaccessible to the residents because there were no automatic doors and the gravel that was installed prohibits mobility by wheel chair or walker. AACM and it members rebuilt and repaired all aspects of the atrium’s.

Pine Towers

Pine Towers is a low-income property for the elderly and persons with disabilities. It is owned and operated by the City of Phoenix Housing Department. Volunteers poured new concrete sidewalks, added new gravel, removed debris, put in new plants and did general maintenance to the lawns.


AACM is designed specifically for the needs of Arizona