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AACM Board of Directors

Chair - Education Chair
Jean-Marie Bellington, CAAM
Tri-City Property Managment Services, Inc.
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Chair-Elect - SAAC Chair
Carmine Carriero, Jr., CAAM
Expert HOA Management, LLC
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Vice Chair - Membership Chair
Bob Brown, CAAM
Brown Community Management, Inc.
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Secretary - Outreach Chair
Tom Emele, CAAM
Associated Property Management
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Treasurer - Legislative Co-Chair
Amanda Shaw, CAAM
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Immediate Past Chair - Marketing/Events Chair
Lori Percival, CAAM
Ogden & Company, Inc.
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Director - Membership Co-Chair
Mike Cadden, CAAM
Cadden Community Management 
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Director - Marketing/Events
Delores Ferguson, CAAM

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Robb Lipsey, CAAM
Premier Community Mananagement, Inc.
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Director - AACM PAC Chair/Legislative Chair
Brian Lincks, CAAM
City Property Management Company
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Frank Peake, CAAM
Pride Community Management
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Past Chairmen of Board




2016-2017 Lori Percival, Ogden & Company, Inc.
2015-2016 Tom Emele, Associated Property Management
2014-2015 Delores Ferguson, CCMC
 Kim Lax, Cadden Community Management
2012-2013 Darin Fisher, Arizona's Vision
2011-2012 Brian Lincks, City Property Management Company
2010-2011 Amanda Shaw, AAM, LLC
2009-2010 Bob Brown, Brown Community Management
2008-2009 Jim Hanley, Rossmar & Graham
2007-2008 Matthew D. White, Caretaker Inc.

Past Presidents

2006-2007 Brian Lincks, City Property Management Company
2005-2006 Mike Cadden, Cadden Community Management
2004-2005 Bart Park III, CCMC
2003-2004 Amanda Shaw, AAM LLC

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