HOPE Grant

The AACM Members collectively represent over 100 years in the community association management industry.

AACM - Arizona Association of Community ManagersOver the past few years it has become clear that there is a need in the community for a homeowner assistance program to provide financial support and/or maintenance help to those within the community in need. To this end, AACM has initiated the Homeowners Outreach Program Enterprise (HOPE).

HOPE is a grant created by AACM members and affiliate partners as a means to establish this outreach to qualified homeowners. Qualified homeowners submit their applications to their homeowner board of directors, who will then apply for the AACM 'HOPE' Grant, for financial assistance
or property maintenance assistance. The HOA must be managed by a AACM member company.

AACM believes this outreach will build a stronger working relationship among homeowners, boards of directors and community association managers.

The purpose of the AACM HOPE Grant is to:

  • Assist AZ National Guard and Reserve Units called to full time active duty.
  • Help homeowners with financial hardships due to a severe health problem or a recent death in the family.
  • Improve a community association's ability to meet short-term financial obligations.
  • Disseminate information and resources regarding community association issues.
  • Facilitate innovative solutions to community association issues.
  • Provide leadership training through AACM's educational opportunities.
  • Enhance the long-term viability of the community association by providing another resource for problem solving.

To apply for a HOPE Grant please contact your AACM Management Company Member. Your HOA's community manager will be able to request an application from the AACM office for you.

Click HERE to download the HOPE Grant Flyer