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Certification, Education, and Registration Tracking System
With C.E.R.T.S., AACM Members (qualified Management Company Member employees and Individual Members) are able to:
  • Apply for the prestigious CAAM Certification Program, the only Arizona-specific community management certification program.
  • View upcoming classes offered by AACM.
  • Register for CAAM Certification and CEU classes.
  • Track progress toward certification, including classes completed and required paperwork.
  • Track Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned and certification renewal dates.

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Website Tips and Information

A few helpful tips to help you make the most of your AACM C.E.R.T.S. website:

Course/Class Details: The details link next to the Course/Class ID will provide information on course descriptions, class location, required/supplied materials, instructors, prices, and any other important information regarding that course/class. **Instructors and other class details are subject to change.**

Member Log In: When you log in, you can view upcoming classes, register for classes, and track certification and CEU progress. There are two ways for AACM to assign you a Login ID: you must either submit a Certification Application, or contact AACM for a Login ID if you need to log in as a Member Administrator without applying for Certification. If you forget your Login ID, please contact AACM via email (for a written record of your request) at CAAM@aacm.com for assistance.

Navigation Bar: The navigation bar on the left of your screen is an easy way to get around the site. Here are some simple explanations for some of the links:

  • New Applicants - Start Here: This is where you select the designation that you wish to apply for within the CAAM Certification Program.
  • Class Registration - User Only: Click here to register yourself for upcoming classes. (Member Administrators register their company's Participants on a different page - please call AACM for assistance.)
  • User Account: This link will take you to a page with your personal information on it. If you need to make changes to your personal information, please email CAAM@aacm.com for a CAAM Records Change Form. This allows AACM to make the requested changes to your page and include them in your official AACM records.
  • User Company: This page displays information regarding your company, including address, phone number, and if you are a Member Administrator, you can view all CAAM Certification Program participants within your company.

User Menu: The user menu in the top right corner of your screen has links to Logout or Change Password.