Is My Manager CAAM Certified

Would you entrust the emotional and financial investment in your home to someone with no management experience, industry education, or ethical standards?

Neither would we…

Professionalism, accountability, and education should be of utmost importance when selecting a management company to represent your community and your individual investment in your home. To that end, AACM developed its Certified Arizona Association Manager (CAAM) Certification Program.

The CAAM certification is an Arizona-specific designation signifying that your prospective manager is trained to address maintenance issues specific to our climate and laws particular to our state. Additional course completion and testing requirements in the areas of essential management principles and ethical business practices round out the CAAM curriculum, ensuring that your management representative is comprehensively prepared to represent the values of your community and home.

If you would like to know if your community manager is CAAM certified, please feel free to email or call the AACM office at 602-685-1111 and ask to speak with the Education Manager.


AACM is designed specifically for the needs of Arizona