What is AACM PAC?

The Arizona Association of Community Managers’ Political Action Committee (AACM PAC) is a nonprofit, non-partisan, state political action committee of the Arizona Association of Community Managers. AACM PAC was created to support the community management industry in Arizona, help pursue a stronger advocacy role, and to achieve greater political potency for Arizona’s community managers. Specifically, AACM PAC will support policies and candidates that further one’s right of freedom to contract, as well as, promote the conditions necessary for the establishment and maintenance of high-quality, well-managed neighborhoods.

Five Reasons For Community Managers To Invest In AACM Political Action Committee


Arizona’s laws and regulations impact the way you do business. The State Capitol and our elected officials make decisions daily that can affect your livelihood.


There’s strength in Numbers! AACM PAC allows individuals to combine resources with peers who share an interest in community management issues


AACM PAC has proven its ability to bring us together in one voice. Elected officials are listening to YOU.


AACM PAC is dedicated to a stronger community management industry, and supports candidates who respect the principles inherent in the right to contract and property rights.


It all adds up! AACM PAC brings you a powerful way to leverage your individual contribution and invest in the future of all community managers.

Contributions to AACM PAC are strictly voluntary and must be made from personal funds. You have the right to refuse to contribute to AACM PAC without reprisal. Corporate contributions are prohibited. The purpose of AACM PAC is for the benefit of political candidates and activities on a state level that support AACM. Any guideline for a contribution amount is merely a suggestion. Contributions to AACM PAC are not tax deductible.

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What does a PAC do?

A PAC helps to build and maintain key relationships in state government with lawmakers who are supportive of shared visions. The AACM PAC allows individuals to combine resources with peers who share like views and speaks on behalf of the community management industry in a strong, unified voice, helping pro-community manager candidates achieve or maintain office. Participating in the PAC helps us communicate to lawmakers the vital role that community managers and our affiliate partners play in their communities every day. By sending out a universal message, we make our presence known, communicate our interests to lawmakers and help shape and protect the community management industry.

Who can contribute?

Contributions come from individuals (corporate contributions are prohibited), and are completely voluntary. Executives, employees, and support staff who are considered members of AACM, and members of their families (mother, father, sons and daughters who live in the same household) may make a contribution to AACM PAC.

Where does my contribution go?

PAC contributions support candidates for elected office who advocate for the right to contract, property rights, limited government regulation, and other issues critical to Arizona’s community mangers and our affiliate partners. Contributing allows the AACM PAC to be a key player in the public policymaking arena – and we must participate in the political process to be heard.

Want more information?

For additional information regarding the AACM PAC, please email PAC@aacm.com or call
(602) 685-1111.

Your participation is vital to the success of our advocacy efforts, and we hope you can join us!


AACM is designed specifically for the needs of Arizona