G.E.M. Awards Nomination Information

G.E.M. Awards Nomination Information

Newly Redesigned! Simplified! New Categories!

Links to download the nomination packet and flyer are located at bottom of page

G.E.M. Awards ~ Guiding Excellence in Management

The AACM G.E.M. Awards provides a special opportunity for us to recognize the individual efforts of CAAM-certified Community Managers, CAASP-designated support professionals, and our outstanding Affiliate Partners who have gone above and beyond their duties for their association clients and company.

Being nominated by industry peers is one of the highest compliments an individual can receive and this is the perfect opportunity to recognize them for their dedication and commitment! Award categories include:

  • Manager of the Year (Condominium, On-Site/Large-Scale, Portfolio)
  • Rising G.E.M. (Condominium, On-Site/Large-Scale, Portfolio)
  • CAASP - Excellence in Service
  • Instructor of the Year (Member and Affiliate Partner)
  • O.P.A.L. - Outstanding Partner Affiliate Leader
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Community Impact Award
  • Spirit Award

Who Can Submit Nominations?

  • Any AACM Management Company and Individual Member in good standing and their employees (you can even nominate yourself!)
  • Affiliate Partners in good standing and their employees
  • HOA Board Members of communities managed by AACM Members

AACM employees are not eligible to submit nominees or participate in judging. If a nominee is nominated for more than one category, the manager/management company will be contacted to determine which category best represents the nominee.

How Do I Submit a Nomination?

  • Download the Nomination Packet
  • Place a check mark next to the award category.
  • Prepare a Narrative by telling us why you are nominating this individual.
  • Obtain the appropriate signatures.
  • Submit the completed nomination and narrative to AACM no later than 5:00 pm on August 23, 2019.

Only the official AACM G.E.M. Nomination Form will be accepted. Handwritten nominations will not be accepted.

Nominations must be validated with the following signatures (as appropriate to the award):

  • Management Company's Designated Member (for CAAM-certified community managers and CAASP-designated support professionals employed by an AACM Management Company Member)
  • Authorized Representative of Affiliate Partner
  • HOA Board President

Links to download Nomination Packet and Flyer

Distribute the Nomination Packet to your HOA Board Members!

Call the AACM office (602) 685-1111 or (520) 334-2004 if you have questions or if we can be of additional assistance.