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Congratulations to our 2016 G.E.M. Award nominees, finalists and winners!

Take a look at our winners below and be sure to check out our Photo Gallery to enjoy all of the pictures of the event!

The G.E.M. (Guiding Excellence in Management) Awards are designed to recognize the individual efforts of our CAAM Certified managers, our CAASP support professionals, and our outstanding Affiliate Partners who have made a contribution above and beyond the normal course of their duties to their respective association clients and companies, and who actively support AACM and its goals.

With standards of professionalism and skill, the general public has become increasingly aware of the value and role these professionals play in the successful management of community associations.  The highly demanding functions and business practices are arguably the critical sustaining factors that contribute to a prosperous community. 

The G.E.M. Awards acknowledge the highest level of talent in our industry.  The recognition of the winners and nominees grants prestige for the individual and the company they represent - illustrating high standards of management, certification, training and commitment to excellence. 

You can also view the videos of our winner's interviews and the entire G.E.M. Awards ceremony online. Use the links below and enjoy!

2016 AACM G.E.M. Awards Ceremony Video


Kim Lax, CAAM, Cadden Community Management - President's Award
Debbie Harper, CAAM - CCMC - Manager of the Year - On-Site
Karen Matthews, CAAM - AAM, LLC - Manager of the Year - Level I 
Ron Anthony, CAAM - City Property Management Company - Manager of the Year - Level II
Evelyn Shanley, CAAM - Arizona's Vision - Humanitarian - Level II
Jennie Nathey, CAAM - AAM, LLC - Rising G.E.M. Level II
Lily Strizich, CAASP - Cadden Community Management - CAASP Excellence in Service
Kateri Langseth, CAAM - Ogden & Company - Perseverance
David Mesley, CAAM - City Property Management Company - Perseverance
Scott Ring, CAAM - AAM, LLC - Perseverance
Mayme Wilhem, CAAM - Associated Property Management - Perseverance
Kathy Clark, CAAM - CCMC - Instructor of the Year (Manager)
Jason E. Smith - Carpenter Hazlewood Delgado & Bolen, PLC - Instructor of the Year (Affiliate Partner)
Richard Bircher - Bircher Exterminating - O.P.A.L. (Outstanding Partner Affiliate Leader)
Shannon Simonson - RENCO Roofing - O.P.A.L. (Outstanding Partner Affiliate Leader)

William Bates, CAAM - AAM, LLC - Manager of the Year - On-Site
Kim Rinehart, CAAM - AAM, LLC - Manager of the Year - On-Site
Michelle Hepp, CAAM - Arizona's Vision - Manager of the Year - Level I
Jessica Tennant, CAAM - City Property Management Company - Manager of the Year - Level I

Leisha Collins, CAAM - AAM, LLC - Manager of the Year - Level II
Brittany Wells, CAAM - Arizona's Vision - Manager of the Year - Level II

Anthony Baca, CAASP - AAM, LLC - CAASP Excellence in Service
Carmen Paiz, CAASP - Arizona's Vision - CAASP Excellence in Service

Kristina Allen, CAAM - CCMC - Instructor of the Year (Manager)
Pierre Renault, CAAM - Cadden Community Management - Instructor of the Year (Manager)
Ken Estrada - Sunland Asphalt - Instructor of the Year (Affiliate)
Chad Gallacher - Maxwell & Morgan, PC - Instructor of the Year (Affiliate)
Nate Roberts - Roofing Southwest - Instructor of the Year (Affiliate)
Brian Gleason - Paramount Roofing - O.P.A.L. (Outstanding Partner Affiliate Leader)
Bob Schor - Eliminex Termite & Pest Control - O.P.A.L. (Outstanding Partner Affiliate Leader)

2015 AACM G.E.M. Awards Ceremony Video

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